Short Documentary (12 minutes)

After a sobering trip to film Cambodia's disappearing wildlife and rain forests, a filmmaker struggles to know how and when to tell his young children about the destruction of the natural world. He decides to tell his children the truth of what he witnessed in a filmed 'letter' that they should watch when they are older.

The film reveals the work of the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team. These armed Cambodian government soldiers investigate the illegal wildlife trade and strictly enforce the national policy that no animals may be taken from the wild.

WINNER — Best Short — International Wildlife Film Festival 2018

WINNER — Best International Short — Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival 2018

WINNER — Best Short — Animal Film Festival 2018

Director Statement

As a filmmaker, environmentalist and parent, I always cringe when I read books at bedtime to my young children. The stories are almost always about animals, but they never touch on the truth of the state of the natural world. So what purpose are they serving? After an eye-opening film shoot in Cambodia in which I embedded with the controversial Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team, I felt more ambivalent than ever. I knew my children were too young to understand the hard reality, but I was worried that by the time they were ready to hear it, the animals in their books would be gone from the earth. I felt conflicted in my responsibilities as a filmmaker and a father. This film emerged from that.