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REPORTER — Nicholas Kristof, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Times, travels to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to shine his light into the darkest pockets of conflict, in hopes of making the rest of the world take notice. This Emmy-nominated film injects the viewer into Kristof's riveting journey — including a harrowing visit with the reigning warlord, and a race to the hospital to save a dying woman. One exhilarating experience after the next reveals how this renowned journalist finds and shapes the news , and how he struggles to stir our compassion into action. 

LIFE. SUPPORT. MUSIC. —Jason Crigler's life was taking off. He was one of New York's hottest young guitarists, his new CD was due for release and his wife, Monica, was pregnant with their first child. Then, at a gig in Manhattan, Jason suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. His doctors doubted he would ever emerge from his near-vegetative state. The astonishing journey that followed is a stirring family saga and a portrait of creative struggle in the face of overwhelming tragedy.

THE CHANCES OF THE WORLD CHANGING  Fueled by an abiding passion for saving endangered animals, Richard Ogust abandons his life as a writer to build a fragile ark that is constantly on the brink of capsizing. This Independent Spirit Award nominated film is the poetic, lyrical tale of a saintly, but all-too-human artist who sacrifices nearly everything in his quest to preserve the world’s disappearing turtles and tortoises.

FOR THE COYOTES  A disgraced Buddhist teacher makes an unfathomable request of his estranged son during their final days together. An experiment in narrative filmmaking, filmed over two weeks in a remote cabin in northern California with a cast of two and a crew of two.